About Retro Indy


RetroIndy is happily stuck in the past. We’re a small team of reporters/editors/visual journalists in the IndyStar newsroom who want to tell rich stories about our city’s history and help people express their Hoosier pride. 

And sometimes, we just want to blow your mind. Yes, Indy had streetcars. Yes, Mass Ave had a flatiron building. Yes, 50,000 people used to show up for homemade raft races in the 1970s on the White River. 

RetroIndy products and prints feature exclusive images from the archives of the IndyStar and now-defunct Indianapolis News. Many more photos – and stories – can be found at http://www.indystar.com/life/retro_indy/. (Want to purchase a photo? Look for the “Buy” button in the top right corner.) 

We offer sponsorship opportunities for our wildly successful RetroIndy content, license our photographs for editorial use, and host and attend special events. Please send inquiries to Dawn Mitchell at retroindy@indystar.com

There’s a great future in Indianapolis’ past! Thank you for stepping into the wayback machine with us.